Some rules about writing so it will look pretty and consistent.

Values are expressed with their actual value up to 9999. Then "kilo" is used to denominate values from 1000 to 999999, like "10.5k" please note that a lowercase 'k' is used (else it would be Kelvins). Values between 1.0 and 99.9 may be written with one decimal. For numbers above 1 million we use 'M' (for Mega) like "1.5M" - please note that a uppercase M is used (else it would be "milli" wich had been nice because that would have lowered the cost significantly :)

Resources needed in Knowledge and Building upgrades for a particular level are specified with the rss needed to reach for the level specified on that line. Example, to reach Level 21, the rss needed to reach that level should be specified in the Level 21 row.

Pages should be named exactly as the item in the game are named (in english) like "Shrine of Odin" (Wiki URL format becomes "Shrine_of_Odin") with the same capitalization. This allows for easily putting in links to pages that does not yet exists.

For things like "Training Speed I" and "...II" and "...III" the page are recommended to be named just "Training Speed" and all different levels are explained on the same page.  Same for things that have personal / clan flavours, like "Fighting Invaders" that can be either a personal or a clan competition.

General concepts are given what name seems appropriate.

Choise of words

"wood", use "lumber"

"rock" use "stone"


rss = Resources

KvK = Kingdom versus Kingdom battle