Shamans' Residence is a building in the Clan Stronghold that allows control of the Clan's Valley of the Aesir. Upgrades will extend the size of the territory controlled, and allow the clan to exile towns.

To start the building you need to have 7.8K Ale, 7.8K Timber, 7.8K Steel, 7.8K Plates,2K Thoriars, and 330 Scrolls. It is not possible to use Gold for the upgrade. Building time for level 1 is 2 weeks and 1 day. Only the Chief or any of the Elders can start a construction process, but all clan members can send resources to the Stronghold Resource Storage.

For speeding up the building process you use a Stronghold boost.

For level 1 the stats are 5Km square Actually threw some of our interlopers up to 735Km away!

Stronghold Influence: +___M

For level 2 the stats are 5Km + 1Km in size

Stronghold Influence + 175,000,000

(someone else can make a proper table later)