Vikings: War of Clans Wikia

Ranks are different positions in a clan that can be given out by the chief and elders. There are four ranks that can be held multiple players; elders, warlords, warriors, and rankers. The rank of chief can be only held by one player, but can be passed on to different players if the chief of a clan chooses to.

When your rank changes, you recieve a system message telling you.

When you first join a clan, you start as ranker by default, the lowest rank in a clan. Rankers cannot see if members of a clan are online or not.

The next rank is warrior. Starting at warrior, all ranks above it can see if members of the clan are online or not.

Warlord is the next highest rank you can be given in a clan, but besides the change in title, nothing changes.

Elder is the highest rank next to Chief. As an elder, you can

  • send invites to players outside your clan
  • accept requests to join your clan
  • expel members of your clan with lower rank
  • send system messages to your clan
  • procure items in the Clan store
  • start processes in the Stronghold such as resource transformations, knowledge upgrades, and building upgrades
  • change the name, shield, or description of your clan
  • delete messages on the clan wall

Note that elders cannot change the ranks or expel other elders, only the chief can do that.

The chief of a clan can do all the things Elders can, but if the clan has a Stronghold they can also destroy it. As chief, you can also change the Clan Regulations.