Vikings: War of Clans Wikia

Level 6 resource spots or "tiles" are the highest grade resource spots you can find on the Global Map. They are located on the center of the map around the Place of Power. Most of the area where you can find Level 6 tiles is covered by the Millenial Forest.

Level 6 tiles have almost a 100% chance to contain one material.

Level 6 tiles are much sought after, being the most lucrative ones. There is quite some competition to get access to a full level 6 tile due to the high demand for them, and the small number of them, located on a very small area of the map. It is noted that materials you can get are very rewarding as a legendary material is always very nice to find.

Level 6 resource spots statistics
Type Resource Quantity Total yield speed Yield speed per hour Materials Quality
Farmlands Food 1.2M (1296K) 6h 216K Cotton, Elixir, Feather, Leather, Rope Simple to Legendary
Lumberjacks' Shed Lumber 1.0M (1036.8K) 6h 172.8K Debris, Feather, Hide Simple to Legendary
Hewer's Camp Stone 1.0M (1036.8K) 6h 172.8K Glass, Granite, Leather Simple to Legendary
Iron deposits Iron 777.6K 6h 129.6K Diamond, Lead, Steel Simple to Legendary
Silver altar Silver 518.4 K 6h 86.4 K Cotton, Debris, Diamond, Feather, Glass, Hide Simple to Legendary
Gold fields Gold 100 16h40 6 Gems Simple to Legendary
Gold of Gods Gold 1000 16h40 60 Gems Simple to Legendary