Vikings: War of Clans Wikia

Level 5 resource spots or "tiles" are higher grade resource spots you can find on the Global Map. They are located near the center of the map between Level 4 and Level 6 resource spots.

Level 5 tiles have approximately 80% chance to contain one material. Invader and Ghost quantity are higher then listed below.

Level 5 resource spots statistics
Type Resource Quantity Total yield speed Yield speed per hour Materials Quality
Farmlands Food 648K 4h 162K Cotton, Elixir, Feather, Leather, Rope Simple to Epic
Lumberjacks' Shed Lumber 518K 4h 129K Debris, Feather, Hide Simple to Epic
Hewer's Camp Stone 518K 4h 129K Glass, Granite, Leather Simple to Epic
Iron deposits Iron 388K 4h 97K Diamond, Lead, Steel Simple to Epic
Silver altar Silver 259K 4h 65K Cotton, Debris, Diamond, Feather, Glass, Hide Simple to Epic
Gold fields Gold 75 12h30 6 Gems Simple to Epic
Gold of Gods Gold 750 12h30 60 Gems Simple to Epic