Level 2 Resource spots

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Level 2 resource spots or "tiles" are the low, small resource spots you can find on the Global Map. They are located on the outer part of the map between Level 1 and Level 3 resource spots.

Level 2 resource spots statistics
Type Resource Quantity Total yield speed Yield speed per hour Materials Quality
Farmlands Food 108K 2h 54K Cotton, Elixir, Feather, Leather, Rope Simple or usual
Lumberjacks' Shed Lumber 86.4K 2h 43K Debris, Feather, Hide Simple or usual
Hewer's Camp Stone 86.4K 2h 43K Glass, Granite, Leather Simple or usual
Iron deposits Iron 64.8K 2h 32K Diamond, Lead, Steel Simple or usual
Silver altar Silver 43.2K 2h 22K Cotton, Debris, Diamond, Feather, Glass, Hide Simple or usual
Gold fields Gold 20 3h20 6 Gems Simple or usual
Gold of Gods Gold 200 3h20 60 Gems Simple or usual
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