Global Map

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Vikings: War of Clans is divided into a number of realms where players can build, upgrade and move their towns.

Each realm has the same layout, thus the same design on the Global Map : it is a grid made of 512 tiles horizontally (X axis) and 1024 tiles vertically (Y axis). Tiles being rectangular shaped, the global map of the Realm looks like to be almost square-shaped. The actual distances makes the map twice as high as it is wide.

Tips: Moving left/right is twice as fast as up/down!


Each realm has its own Place of power, located in the very center of the global map, at coordinates x:256 y:512. This place can be conquered by the strongest clans to receive important incomes from the whole realm as well as the possibility to give reputes to players in the realm.

Along the place of power is the Millennial Forest, a very special where trees always grow and where players are relocated randomly on the global map when defeated after a single attack or onslaught.

Resource tiles and invaders are distributed randomly on the Global map. Their level is determined by their proximity to the very center of the map, and divided into 7 "zones".

The Forest offers level 6 resource tiles, level 6 Invaders and Uber Invaders, which are the hardest to defeat, but the most rewarding. Uber Invaders are only found in the Millennial Forest.

The zone around the forest, the smallest one, offers level 6 resource tiles along with level 6 Invaders.

After Zone 6 are zones 5, 4, 3 and 2, where you can find resource tiles and invaders at level 5, 4, 3 and 2. The lowest the level of resource tiles is, the less productive it is. There is an important gap between level 4 and level 5 resource tiles and for farming purposes, it is considered best to stay in range of zone 5 for resources.

When you go farthest, outside of Zone 2, you find Zone 1 which is the widest area on the map. Resource tiles here are especially non-productive and contain only very small amounts of resources : 54K of food, 43K of lumber or stone, 32K of iron, 21K of silver. It is not a good idea to stay here for farming although it can be practical to hide there for some time.

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